An Independent Defense Industry Paves the Way for Full Independence
August 18, 2021
Air Domination of Unmanned Vehicles Will Continue Under Water
August 18, 2021
Defense Industry as a Power Instrument in Turkish Foreign Policy

Due to the changing regional dynamics after the Arab Spring, Turkey increasingly sees itself as a necessity to create new strategies in foreign and security policy by combining both soft and hard power tools. Turkey’s entry into a new era in its foreign policy implementation was also reflected in the country’s efforts to diversify its options in this regard. Most importantly, this shift in foreign policy is leading to a positive spillover of relations and influences from the economy to politics and then to security. Especially after 15 July 2016, the government started to use hard power as a diplomatic tool. It can be seen that the defense industry, as one of these tools, contributes to the foreign policy strategy from different perspectives.

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