All Aspects of Triage
August 18, 2021
IDEF Transformed From ‘We Are Here Too’ to ‘We are Here’
August 18, 2021
Redistributing Cards…

Even in the circumstances of a common crisis, the global public is not afraid to act isolatedly at the national level. Although each of us is scattered in different places, we quickly forget that despite five separate continents, we are on a single sphere. As we prepare for the 100th issue of C4Defence, we are preparing to make a collective assessment and see what kind of common world is envisaged in the future; I’d like to share his analysis with you.

First of all, the sounds of Cold War drums began to sound from afar. For my peers, it’s a “Déjà vu…” It is not difficult to predict what will happen when, how and what their purpose will be. Since the level of education and civilization of countries has risen, it is usual to expect a more peaceful world. In this respect, history has shown us that what really matters is the political, economic and military balances between nations. However, it is very difficult to maintain this triangle, which affects the lives of billions of people. Let’s not be mistaken in these days when we are experiencing the final round of wars initiated by the United States and its allies as a result of attacked nation display and tactical provocation, but which have been going on in a meaningless period for 20 years. Although the methods of wars have changed, bipolar Cold War scenarios have begun to emerge, just like in the past. 

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