IDEF Opens Its Doors for the 15th Time
August 18, 2021
Defense Industry as a Power Instrument in Turkish Foreign Policy
August 18, 2021
An Independent Defense Industry Paves the Way for Full Independence

Flags waving in front of the European Parliament in Strasbourg

When the development of the defense industry in the history of the world is examined, it is seen that a development has started in the production of weapons in parallel with the industrialization, and the monopoly on this issue has passed into the hands of the countries with the technology over time.

The defense industry is an area that states attach the most importance to and avoid being dependent on other states all over the world.

In the 1993 report of the European Parliament examining the defense industry of the countries, it was stated that the European countries saw the defense industries as a condition of their national sovereignty even in 1993, when the Soviet threat disappeared. It is seen that it is of strategic importance for the country to produce its own weapon systems or to procure them from a few reliable alternative sources. Defense systems that you do not have a good command of the technology or that you cannot supply and use, pose a great risk in terms of the independence of the country.

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