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August 18, 2021
Interest and Participation for IDEF Grows
August 18, 2021
IDEF Transformed From ‘We Are Here Too’ to ‘We are Here’

The Turkish defense industry used to said to the world, “We are here too!”  “Now this message has become a much more visible and understandable “We are here!” message in IDEF,” said Sadik Infantry, general director of TSKGV.

C4Defence: IDEF 2021 takes place with great participation at a time of high global constraints in all sectors. What is the message of the Turkish defense industry to the world with IDEF?

TSKGV (TAFF) Deputy General Manager Sadık Piyade: As you closely follow, many of the defense industry and aviation fairs that have been planned to be held in the world since March 2020, when the Covid-19 epidemic began, were either canceled or postponed. Considering the developments in the pandemic process, IDEF 2021 was postponed to 17-20 August 2021. We are preparing to perform IDEF 2021 with the high-level restrictions and measures we have taken by coordinating with all relevant institutions before. I would like to proudly emphasize once again that IDEF is among the pioneers of more than 30 defense industry fairs held in the world. As the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation (TSKGV); We are in an effort to transform IDEF into synergy on a national and international scale by continuing our effort to fulfill the responsibility of organizing the IDEF Fair, which we have undertaken on behalf of the Turkish Armed Forces and the Turkish defense industry, with great devotion. I think that the rapid development trend of the Turkish defense industry since 1993, when IDEF Fairs started, played an important role in increasing IDEF’s success rate. The Turkish defense industry used to say to the world with IDEF, “We are here too!” He was trying to deliver his message. Now, this message is much more visible and understandable in IDEF: “We are here!”. As always, we are holding the IDEF 2021 Fair by breaking our own record in terms of the number of exhibitors. Even after the exhibition was postponed, the number of exhibitors continued to increase. As of the end of July, the participation of 1,189 companies, of which 497 are domestic and 692 foreign, has been finalized. We will announce the final numbers after the fair.

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