2020 Almanac
December 19, 2020
SASAD: Our Goal Is To Turn Towards Export
December 19, 2020
C.I.P Norms and Their Reflections on the Turkish Small Arms Industry

Firearms are among the inventions that have influenced the continuity of civilizations and shaped world history since their discovery in 1100 AD. Small Arms, which are widely used especially for personal security and defense, are the focus of attention not only of armies but also of civilians due to their ease of use, high mobility and long life. (1), (2).

Firearms are basically devices that are used to launch a bullet or any object with any special shape and quality to long distances thanks to the kinetic energy released by the chemical energy stored in the propellant by turning into high pressure gas as a result of the combustion reaction (3).

In other words, they are high pressure (semi) closed systems. If the other parts of the firearm, especially the barrel, cartridge chamber and mechanism block, are not manufactured with the strength to withstand the pressure of the burning gunpowder, there is a vital risk for the person behind the barrel as well as the target.

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