2020 Almanac

Will We Get Along with Joe Biden?
December 19, 2020
C.I.P Norms and Their Reflections on the Turkish Small Arms Industry
December 19, 2020


-The delivery of the M60T Tank Gunner Optical Unit, which was developed nationally by DIGITEST Defense and Aviation company for the Turkish Armed Forces.

-ElektroLand Defense has exported the second batch of Bomb Disposal Robot and Bomb Disposal Boiler to Bangladesh.

-New deliveries of the AK40-GL grenade launcher produced by Akdaş Silah were made to the Turkish Armed Forces.

-Defense Industry Presidency (SSB) and Defense Technologies Engineering and Trade Inc. (STM) signed an agreement for the delivery of the first Kamikaze Mini UAV “KARGU-2” to the security forces.

-The acceptance tests of the ATOM 35 mm Fragmentation Ammunition produced by ASELSAN were completed with the shots made at the Ministry of National Defense Karapınar Firing Test and Evaluation Group Command.

-Pars 675 Thermal Weapon Optics produced by 3E EOS with domestic facilities were delivered to the Gendarmerie General Command.

-The Defense Industry Directorate announced that six FNSS Kaplan STAs were delivered to the Land Forces Command.

-TÜBİTAK SAGE developed the KOR thermobaric explosive after TENDÜREK.

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