Liability, Toil and Mind

Füzuli Impressions After It’s Return to Homeland
December 19, 2020
Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration: Examples of FARC and IRA
December 19, 2020

Defense systems, for which high budgets are spent, usually involve a maintenance and repairing problem, especially for land elements that require less sensitivity in their operation. Liability, which is one of the most important responsibilities of the military institution, becomes a problem for the continuity of the army’s readiness due to deficiencies in maintenance and repairing. To understand the importance of rational solutions, it is necessary to understand the reasons for this inconvenience.

Maintenance and repair refer to a critical and costly series of activities in which at least one-third of the existing weapon system inventory is in war or peacetime in all armies of the world, regardless of air, land and sea elements. It is essential to plan and effectively implement maintenance and repair processes not only for the main weapon systems used by the combat forces, but also for all components serving in military structures such as combat support and combat support service elements. In the air and naval forces, where complex electronic systems are used extensively, specialization levels are relatively high, and deployment areas are limited and the process seems to be settled in a certain system. However, due to the high flexibility of personnel number and training level, as well as the mechanical level of the equipment used and the complexity of the operation field, land elements are faced with a “well-known” equation in terms of maintenance and repair.

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