Myanmar Buys Air Defence System and UAV From Russia
January 22, 2021
What the Two Tests Tell About Air and Missile Defence
January 23, 2021
Is the Era of Tanks Closing?

The UCAVs that came up to the international agenda after the Karabakh War between Azerbaijan and Armenia also raised the question of “Is there no more room for tanks on the battlefield?” We directed this question to Retired Tank Colonel Murat Kaymakcı, Secretary General of DASA (Defense, Aerospace Association) and Expert in Armored Military Land Vehicles.

The first combat vehicle that can be described as a “tank” appeared at the beginnig of 1914, during the First World War. When the British army had difficulty overcoming very powerful German positions, they discovered that they needed a special vehicle to cross two-meter wide trenches. British Prime Minister Winston Churchill ordered tractor manufacturers in the country to develop a special vehicle for this purpose.

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