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December 19, 2020
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December 19, 2020
Covid-19 Combining Defense and Healthcare Industry

SDT, which produces solutions in the field of defense and space, turned its direction to the health sector with Covid-19. Developing domestic and national PCR test kits with NANObiz company, SDT wants to add CBRN and biotechnology to their investments in the future. We met with SDT General Manager Ömer Korkut regarding the issue.

C4Defence: SDT is a company operating especially in the field of defense and space. What is the process behind SDT’s decision to contribute to the health sector?

SDT General Manager Ömer Korkut: SDT is a company that has been working on space and defense technologies for 15 years. Covid-19 broke all the routines. Pandemic just caught the whole world, not Turkey. Covid-19 appeared as a kind of biological threat and emerged with the need to find a very fast technology development and solution against it. As SDT, how can we use the electronic design and production experience accumulated so far against Covid-19? We thought as We have taken such a rapid reaction and initiative in order to both solve an important problem and show the flexibility of the defense sector and demonstrate that solutions that require technology can be met in other sectors.

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