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January 23, 2021
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January 25, 2021
Turkish Defense Industry, Stronger Every Year

Defense Industry President Prof. Dr. Ismail Demir evaluated many things from Turkey’s space work to CAATSCA sanctions for C4 Defence readers.

C4Defence: In the 2018-2022 Defense Industry Sectoral Strategy Document, you aimed to introduce new regulations to increase the sub-industry/SME business share. How much of your goals, especially for small businesses, have you achieved since 2018? What path will be followed until 2022?

SSB President Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir: The Industrialization Processes were revised at the end of 2019 in accordance with the SSB’s domestic and national product/subsystem policy. Within the scope of the said process, as in the past, the share of Subsidiary Industry/SMEs is monitored proportionally in projects. However, with the increase in the number of projects for domestic platform design and production, it has become important for our subcontractor companies to be able to design and produce local subsystems and components. In order to increase the possibility of using locally designed or produced products in projects and to emphasize the importance of product ownership, the application of “Product Library Obligation”, which means order guarantee by showing the address of the local products within the scope of the projects, has been introduced. The products in the product library, where more than 4000 products are currently registered and the number of which is increasing day by day, must be used in contracts with reasonable prices, provided that they meet the requirements. The aim of these studies is to support domestic subsystem design and production, to maximize localization activities and to further increase sub-industry/SME participation.

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