Roketsan Opened Its Doors
February 16, 2021
Steel Angels of the Battlefield; Armored Medical Evacuation Vehicles
February 16, 2021
TURKEY-RUSSIA: Chess of Difficult Days…

World going through a difficult process where “vulnerable” countries like Turkey are trying to create their own routes and “permanent” goals.

During the widening and deepening crisis of capitalism, the United States sets its strategic goals with the identity of “investor expecting short-term profit”.

Russia carries the “struggle for survival” to the 19th century reflexes of Tsarist Russia, with its population decreasing a little more every 10 years in its vast and fertile lands …

The People’s Republic of China, with the money it has saved in the state coffers thanks to “modern time slavery”, embraces the rope of “globalization” left behind by the USA, the creator of the concept, and strengthens the “debt-slave-own” based imperialism, which also constitutes a new paradigm in terms of human history.

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