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February 16, 2021
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February 16, 2021
Technology Through Test; Aviation Passes Through a Wind Tunnel

The studies on Wind Tunnel of the Wind Energy Technologies Research and Application Center (RÜZGEM), affiliated to METU Aerospace Engineering Department, have been continuing for a long time. As the opening day approaches, the facility becomes the center of attention. AERODYNAMICS and ROTOR DESIGN academician Prof. Dr. Oğuz Uzol and Faculty Member Dr. Mustafa Perçin answered our questions on behalf of the RÜZGEM team.

C4Defence: What type of tests was the METU RÜZGEM wind tunnel established to perform? How much speed can be achieved in tests? Is there a need for a higher speed test center for the development of aviation? Is there sufficient knowledge and competence to reach these speeds in Turkey?

RÜZGEM: METU RÜZGEM Great Wind Tunnel (GWT) aims to conduct the wind tests required by our industry, especially in the fields of aviation, wind energy and civil engineering, and to train the manpower specialized in aerodynamic testing/measurement on an industrial scale, using the advanced academic infrastructure of METU and the existing experience in WINDGEM.

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