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April 29, 2021
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Soldiers Who Served in Iron Dome Batteries Get Cancer

Soldiers, working in the use of the Iron Dome air defence system, explained that radiation emitted from the system’s radar made them sick and they had cancer.

Israel-based news site Ynet reported on soldiers who served in the Israeli Armed Forces and had been diagnosed with cancer, noting that high cancer rates were found in personnel involved in the battery part of the missile defence system.

Ran Mazor, who works in the Iron Dome unit, said he suffered constant leg and back pain during his service. Later, he was diagnosed with bone cancer. “Generals can take full credit for their achievements, but how about taking responsibility for the soldiers? Who’s going to take care of us?”, he said.

“When you’re next to the radar box, you feel your whole body boiling inside,” Yonatan Haimovitz adding: “Imagine how food warms up in the microwave. You feel the heat waves.” Haimovitz was diagnosed with a tumor around the neck.

“They never equipped us with radiation,” said Shir Tahar, who was diagnosed with leukemia ten months after finishing her military service. Most of the soldiers are said to be in the midst of a legal battle with the Israeli Defence Ministry over the issue.

The Iron Dome system consists of three to four ignition units, reloading vehicles with cranes, radar and combat management, and fire control units. A standard system battery provides defences over 150 square kilometres.

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