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April 29, 2021
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April 29, 2021
Demir: Turkey Is Not Helpless About F-35

President of Defence Industries İsmail Demir commented on Turkey’s removal from the F-35 program. “When the United States realizes that Turkey cannot be excluded in this nine-partner program, they will set up a new table, make a new agreement and leave Turkey alone by having other partner countries except Turkey sign this agreement,” Demir said.

Demir stated that Turkey is not helpless about the F-35. “There’s a certain amount we give to be partners, there’s a certain amount we give for planes. That’s a total of 1.4 billion. It was the reward for something. There are rights to the partnership, there is the volume of exports. You’re deprived of them, too. The first steps of the legal process are about to be taken,” he said.

Demir stated that the business share and export volume of the industry in Turkey are important in the legal process. “Our challenge is to seek our right. We do not have a priority to return to the program, but if certain arguments are made, we will discuss this situation,” Demir said.

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