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December 22, 2020
Engine of Russia’s New Bomber in Assembly Phase
December 23, 2020
Qatar’s NH90s Begin Flight Tests

Qatar has announced the start of test flight of the NH90 general purpose (TTH) and navy model (NFH) helicopters.

Qatar, which shares photos from test flights performed in Italy and France, will be the second Arab user of the NH90s after Oman.

Under the contract signed in 2018, 16 TTH and 12 NFHs are planned to be delivered to Qatar. The deal has an additional 12 helicopter options.

The NH90s will replace the Westland Sea King Mk 3 helicopters.

The NH-90 performs missions such as electronic warfare, air-stationed command mail and search and rescue. Equipped with a digital map and a central warning system, the helicopter can optionally be used with the Thales-made TopOwl helmet-mounted display.

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