Problems With F-35 Aircraft Engine Increase
February 15, 2021
From NASA to Patient Bed
February 16, 2021
Next Target: MARS

Mankind has been curious about and tried to explore space since ancient times, but now it is in pursuit of a new goal. This new goal is to re-establish life in a place outside of the world. When it comes to this stage, it is inevitable that the stage the technology has reached will be carried out within the law, because both technology and human beings step into a new unknown. There is no limit to the plans for space like space itself has limits. While we were not yet able to send a person to a celestial body other than the Moon; Projects have started to establish a colony on Mars, and the dates have already been determined. Last July, three states – the United States of America, China, the United Arab Emirates – sent spacecraft to explore Mars. In addition to scientific curiosity, future plans also have an impact on these projects. States are making plans to land on Mars, apart from sending spacecraft.

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