Three Missile Tests in Three Weeks from Pakistan
February 12, 2021
New Solution For S-400
February 15, 2021
New Engine from TEI

TEI General Manager Mahmut F. Akşit announced that they are working on a new engine. “We are developing a new PD180 engine, we have had its first trial,” Akşit said. The new engine will be a lighter but more powerful version of the TEI-PD170.

Akşit stated that PD180 and TEI-TJ300 Turbojet engine works will be advanced later this year.

Akşit said the development of the TF-X engine was not given to TEI. “The TF-X engine will take years to develop. Even if TRMotor develops it, its production will probably come to us. In 2023, the first plane to come out of the hangar will come out with F-16 engines, the F110. All components of the F-16 engines are brought together in TEI. We have a serious know-how experience with the F110. The first 5-10 prototype engines to be produced will be manufactured at TEI. We are now conducting prototype negotiations,” he said.

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