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December 15, 2020
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December 16, 2020
Jordan’s Centauros

Jordan tested the Centauro B1 armored combat vehicles that will soon enter the inventory. The tests, which were attended by the Chief of Staff, looked at the levels of combat readiness of the platforms and also examined the compatibility of vehicles with desert conditions.

For Centauro B1s developed under Italy’s main contractor, Jordan reached an agreement in 2014 to buy a total of 80 units.

In 2018, Jordan also signed a contract with Spain-based company Star Defence Logistics & Engineering (SDLE) for the maintenance and modernization of Centauros.

With its stabilized periscopic daytime night vision system, laser range measuring and numerical ballistics computer, Centauro’s shooting accuracy is high. The platform has a power pack that can be replaced in 20 minutes. The vehicle’s main weapon is the Malera 105 mm gun, while its secondary weapon is the 7.62 mm MG-42/59 machine gun.

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