Modernization Process for C-130s Continues in Turkey
December 8, 2020
Mine Clearance Exports from Turkey to Azerbaijan
December 9, 2020
HAVELSAN Introduces Digital Troops

HAVELSAN, one of the Turkish defence industry companies, introduced its new logo with an event. At the event, it was announced that HAVELSAN has given joint operational capability to unmanned aerial and ground vehicles.

Dr. Mehmet Akif Nacar, General Manager of the company, said, “We have made significant progress in technologies called digital units for the operational area of the future. Before the end of a year, we both prepared our unmanned land vehicles and made them able to act together with their swarm intelligence.”

Nacar stated that HAVELSAN will continue its activities at the new technology campus next year, and that there will be new surprises about the unmanned systems with a lot of swarm intelligence.

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