HAVELSAN Introduces Digital Troops
December 8, 2020
Eurodrone’s First Flight Date: 2025
December 9, 2020
Mine Clearance Exports from Turkey to Azerbaijan

Mechanical Mine Clearance Equipment, which can use chained and fragmenting apparatus developed by Military Factory and Shipyard Management Inc. (Askeri Fabrika ve Tersane İşletme A.Ş/ ASFAT) in cooperation with public and private enterprise, will be exported to Azerbaijan. ASFAT announced that a total of 20 pieces of equipment would be delivered to Azerbaijan.

The system, which can move at four kilometres per hour, can go down to a depth of 25 centimetres and clear a 1.7-meter width of 1 kilometre from mines in 1 hour.

The equipment is designed to neutralize anti-personnel mines while at the same time cleaning up existing vegetation in the field.

The system has hulls and apparatus powered by ballistic armour.

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