Second Prototype of Jet-Powered Okhotnik to Take Off at End of Year
March 17, 2021
Korea to Test UGVs in Operation
April 2, 2021
Germany Rejects Exports of Engines to Pakistan for Submarines

Germany is not granting export permits for the engine of eight Type 039B submarines that Pakistan plans to add to its inventory, Pakistani media reported.

Pakistan’s investment, which has purchased eight Type 039B with air-independent propulsion systems from China to strengthen its navy, could be deadlocked due to the engine. Pakistan, which did not want the diesel engines used by China on the platform, therefore applied to a German company. Media reports say Germany has refused export permits due to pressure from India.

Pakistan has announced it will modernize its navy in response to the Indian threat. It is also written that if propulsion systems are not supplied, the submarines will be scrapped.

Under the China-Pakistan deal, worth about $5 billion, the first two submarines will enter service in April and October next year; It was planned to deliver all of them to Pakistan, two in 2023 and then one each from 2025 to 2028.

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