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May 6, 2021
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May 6, 2021
France-Britain Dispute Could Turn Into Tension with Patrol Ship Move

France and the UK, which have been at odds over the fishing rights of fishermen in and around the Island of Jersey after Brexit, have yet to address the problem. The dispute between the parties began when the Jersey Autonomous Administration implemented the “Fishing and Hunting License Application” in the region.

According to the technical condition, French fishermen must prove that they have been hunting around Jersey since time immenerity. French officials argue that the practice is “null and void,” citing the fact that it was not reported to the EU. About 100 French fishing vessels will reportedly leave for the Port of Jersey in protest of the practice.

France, which supplies 95% of the island’s electricity needs, has threatened to cut off the island’s electricity.

Following the developments, Britain sent H.M.S. Tamar and H.M.S. Severn patrol ships to the region. After Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the ships would remain in the area, France decided to send Athos and Themis patrol boats around the island.

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