France-Britain Dispute Could Turn Into Tension with Patrol Ship Move
May 6, 2021
Turkey to Launch New Laser Defence System
May 7, 2021
Bangladesh on the Rise in Turkey’s Export List

“Bangladesh has become an important customer of the Turkish defence industry,” Bangladesh media reported. “One of the major buyers of military equipment produced in Turkey was Bangladesh,” the report said, referring to Turkey’s export list.

In 2021, Bangladesh became the fourth-largest arms buyer from Turkey after the United States, Azerbaijan, and the UAE. Bangladesh reportedly received $56.77 million worth of weapons from Turkey in April.

Approximately $1 billion worth of defence and aerospace industrial products were exported from Turkey in the first four months of the year. The first place in sales is the United States with $386,100,000, followed by Azerbaijan with $117,315,000, the United Arab Emirates with $90,299,000, Bangladesh with $57,827,000 and Germany with $50, 14,000.

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