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February 22, 2021
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February 22, 2021
F-15EX’s First Export May Be to Indonesia

Jerry McGrath/Cryonic_Photography

Indonesia wants to buy eight Boeing F-15EX fighter jets by 2022. The issue was raised at a recent press conference of Indonesian Air Force Commander General Fadjar Prasetyo. Prasetyo announced that his country wants to buy 36 French Rafales and eight F-15EX fighter jets to improve the air force.

A Boeing spokeswoman could not confirm the planned purchase, but said “we remain confident in the F-15EX’s suitability for Indonesia, given its unmatched range, payload, and performance.” She did confirm, however, that all future sales of new F-15s will carry the designator F-15EX.

If his purchase of the F-15EX becomes official, Jakarta will be the first country outside the United States to buy the fighter jet.

Jerry McGrath/Cryonic_Photography
📸 Jerry McGrath/Cryonic_Photography

U.S. Air Force’s First Aircraft to Be Delivered Soon

The U.S. Air Force will take delivery of its first F-15EX fighter within the next couple of weeks, the Boeing spokeswoman said.

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