Egypt’s Second FREMM Begins Sea Trials
February 24, 2021
Iran’s New Drone Unveiled
February 24, 2021
Bangladesh to Produce Its Own Fighter Jets

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said the government has taken steps to protect and defend the country’s sovereignty, in which they want to produce fighter jets to strengthen the air force.

“We are making preparations to protect our air border with our own power,” she said, noting that they will modernize all forces and are working on the ” Forces Goal 2030 ” project for this purpose.

The Bangladesh inventory has J-7ve MIG-29 hunting bombers and JL-8, L-39, Yak-130 forward jet training aircraft.

Regional Allies

Although there has been diplomatic tension with India from time to time in South Asia, New Delhi and Bangladesh have a close relationship. China, on the other hand, had come up with an offer of money to Bangladesh for the Teesta issue. China’s closest ally in the region, Pakistan, is also trying to strengthen ties with Bangladesh.

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