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May 6, 2021
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May 7, 2021
Turkey to Launch New Laser Defence System

İsmail Demir, president of defence industries, said that a triple defence system has been developed on a land platform, especially one of which is laser, to prevent drone attacks. Demir said the system will be put into service soon.

A statement was also made regarding the high-altitude air defence system SİPER. “We understand the public’s expectation of SİPER, but there are some steps towards it. Air defence is a layered structure. The SİPER system has its own range and prevention capability, but even when you install the system with that capability, you can get a lot of attacks and damage from where you never expected.” Another product is expected to be introduced before SİPER.

“The precursor system will come up with an effective range of up to 100 kilometres and an altitude of over 20 kilometres. We will commission SİPER before the end of 2023,” Demir said.

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