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May 10, 2021
Korea’s New Military Transport Plane Design Shared
May 12, 2021
BAE Systems’ New Light Tank Prototype Is Displayed

As part of the US Armed Forces Mobile Protected Firepower (MPF) project, Bae Systems and General Dynamics have reached an agreement for the prototype in the tender, which opened in 2018. In this context, General Dynamics announced that it has sent 12 prototypes it has developed to the testing phase. However, it was not known how many prototypes BAE Systems had officially sent for testing.

📸 Kristo Karl

New images of Bae Systems’ light tank, M8 Buford platform, have been released online. The footage was reportedly taken at the firm’s test centre in Michigan. BAE Systems used the modernized M8 Buford model for new components and protection capabilities under MPF. According to the company’s data, the light tank can be equipped with a 105 mm gun and can fire 12 projectiles per minute. It was also informed that the tower of the platform could be equipped with heavy and medium machine guns.

The assessment of the light tank prototype by BAE Systems and General Dynamics as part of the MPF project is expected to be completed by the end of June and mass production will begin in 2022.

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