UK Announces MLRS Project
April 6, 2021
Korea to Build Transport Aircraft
April 7, 2021
Australia Takes Patrol Boats Out of Service

The Royal Australian Navy has begun retiring Armidale-class patrol boats. The process began with HMAS Pirie (ACPB-87), which has been in service for about 15 years.

Armidale-class platforms, which are resistant to 9 marine conditions, were able to operate without replenishment for 42 days. Australia, which has started switching to Arufara-class offshore patrol vessels, has signalled a new navy restructuring. HMAS Pirie, which has expired, has travelled more than 426,000 nautical miles during its tenure.

The Armidales, who carry two 7.2-metre-long interception boats, are only users in Australia.

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