Missile Dropped in Poland
November 21, 2022
ACMI in Pakistan Air Force!
November 21, 2022
Who’s Behind the Missiles?

Two missiles hit the village of Przewodów, located 6 km from the Polish border with Ukraine, at 15:40 yesterday. Two people lost their lives due to the missiles that hit.

Many countries, including NATO countries, took action to find the source of the missiles that fell on Poland. NATO said it would examine whether the missiles belonged to Russia. While investigating the source of the missiles that hit Poland, Moscow denied claims that the missiles belonged to Russia.

On Tuesday, the Russian Defense Minister described reports that Russian missiles had landed in Poland, on the Ukrainian border, as a “provocation” to escalate tensions. “Polish media and authorities are deliberately provoking to increase tension with their statements about the alleged downing of ‘Russian’ missiles. Russian firepower has not launched any attack on the region between the Ukraine-Poland border” the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement on the internet. The minister also made a statement, “The missile that fell on the Polish border belongs to Ukraine’s S-300.”

According to Kiev, Russia launched several missiles at cities in Ukraine on Tuesday. In the past, the debris of such attacks also fell in Moldova, which borders Ukraine. With the source of the missiles falling on Poland still unconfirmed, Ukraine has called for an “urgent” summit meeting of NATO members. NATO General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg, in his meeting with Polish President Andrzej Duda, drew attention to the emergence of the truth about what caused the missile explosion. “I spoke with President Duda about the explosion in Poland. I offered my condolences for those who lost their lives. NATO is monitoring the situation and the allies are consulting closely. It is important to reveal all the facts” Stoltenberg said on social media.

Polish Government Spokesperson Piotr Müller told reporters after the Emergency National Security Council, “It has been decided to increase the readiness of some combat units and other uniformed services” and stated that the Polish military units have been raised to a high level of readiness.

USA’s Attitude

The White House stated that US President Joe Biden and allied leaders held “urgent” talks on Wednesday after a missile hit Polish territory near the Ukrainian border. The leaders of the European Union and all the G7 countries (England, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United States) were among those attending the urgent meeting in Bali, where they attended the G20 summit. The White House website called the session an “emergency roundtable.” The explosion in Poland, a NATO member, raised concerns that the alliance could be drawn into Russia’s nearly nine-month war with Ukraine. Polish President Andrzej Duda also tried to defuse tensions, saying there was no “conclusive proof” of where the missile came from and that he saw it as an “individual” case. Joe Biden dismissed the possibility that the source of the missiles was Russia, “It is unlikely that they were fired from Russia. But we will see” he said.

Belgian Defence Minister Ludivine Dedonder said: “Last night’s missile attacks in Poland are being fully investigated by our intelligence service, which is in close contact with NATO joint services. According to the first information we have, the attacks are most likely the result of Ukrainian anti-aircraft systems deployed to keep Russian missiles out of the sky.”

NATO started emergency talks today, AFP reported. Stoltenberg is expected to make a statement after the meeting. Although there is still no clarity regarding the source of the missiles, the accuracy of the claims made by the parties is discussed all over the world. Are the claims of Ukraine pointing the arrows at Russia or claims of Russia’s “provocation” true? The response and all developments expected by the public will be conveyed to you in C4 Defence news.

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