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November 21, 2022
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November 21, 2022
ACMI in Pakistan Air Force!

SDT Space and Defence Technologies Inc. signed a contract with the Pakistan Air Force to develop systems that will offer “pilot tactical training” through simulation at the International Defence Fair and Seminar IDEAS 2022 held in Karachi, Pakistan.

Undertaking many responsibilities in the fields of “remote sensing”, “electronic warfare and communication”, “simulation and training” and “mission systems” within the Turkish defence industry, SDT will export the nationalized ammunition training pod (ACMI), for the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces, to Pakistan.

In this context, the simulation system that SDT previously integrated into the aircraft of the Turkish Air Force and the air forces of different countries will be made compatible with the JF-17 aircraft of the Pakistan Air Force. Under the contract, SDT ACMI pods and an appropriate number of ground stations will join the Pakistan Air Force inventory. Thanks to these pods, the Pakistan Air Force will be able to increase its combat readiness by performing modern and highly accurate pilot tactical trainings.

SDT Business Development, Marketing and Contracts Director Deniz Altın gave his statement regarding the contract: “We are proud that our products are used by friendly and allied countries, especially the Turkish Air Force. Thanks to this contract we signed with Pakistan, we are adding a new platform with JF-17 to the platforms on which we integrate our system. Our products contribute to the development and strengthening of the armed forces of friendly and allied countries, and to our country’s economy through exports. Our goal is to evaluate new cooperation opportunities and increase the number of countries we export to.”

With this contract, the groundwork for a long-term cooperation between SDT and the Pakistani Armed Forces has been prepared.

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