Domestic Engine’s Test Centre Ready for Use

Approval for Akash Exports from New Delhi
January 2, 2021
New Exports from Turkey to the Philippines
January 4, 2021

Russia has announced the construction of the test site of the VK-650V turboshaft engine and the power plants will begin testing soon. The engine is being developed for the Ka-226T light utility helicopter.

The test bench includes a new power frame and a hydraulic brake, a fuel-oil system, specially designed for the size of the VK-650V engine, and a modern control room. According to the results of the tests, the engine design will be changed.

It is planned to produce the engine prototype 2021-2022 and start mass production by 2024.

The VK-650V, which can be used on Ansat-U and VRT-500 helicopters and other platforms of the same payload class, will be adapted for UAVs in the future.

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