BrahMos-ER Test Fired For The First Time
March 13, 2017
Brimstone Test to ‘Typhoon’
March 15, 2017
Unexpected Issue of US Sub

An unexpected issue has came to light concerning the US submarine which has been commissioned in 2012 and plan to keep in service until 2070. The new generation nuclear-powered Virginia class submarines of the US, also known as SSN-774 class, can be located under water. It has been revealed that the underwater sound isolation material is peeling off of the platform. The US Navy's submarine USS Mississippi has been submerged at its homeport in Pearl Harbor. The images revealed came as a surprise to most people, as the isolation material of the sub were peeling off in layers. Sound waves can spread three times faster than air as well as much more further. For this reason, the isolation is of great importance to the submarines in order for them to operate undetected. The submarines which cannot isolate the sound spread by itself, become vulnarable for detection before they find the opportunity to use its Tomahawk cruise missiles and MK48 torpedoes.

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