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December 16, 2020
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December 18, 2020
Ukraine’s New Partner: Brazil

Between Brazil and Ukraine, cooperation is being made in the defence industry sector.

The delegation, led by Brazilian Deputy Defence Minister Marcos Rosas Degaut Pontes, went to Kiev 2 weeks ago and signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Ukraine. Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence introduced the Brazilian delegation to platforms and equipment developed by the state subsidiary and private sector within the country, including light armour, unmanned systems and light weapons.

It was shared in the Ukrainian press that there are systems shown to Brazil:

Land Systems

APC Novator light armoured vehicle, Kozak-001, Kozak-2, Kozak-5, Otaman 6×6 armoured combat vehicle, Dozor-B armoured vehicle.

Video source: Defense Express

The Smereka prototype, a 120 mm automatic mortar system using the Warta armoured vehicle chassis developed by Ukranian Armor, was shown for the first time. The system is in the factory tests phase.

Weather Systems

New version of P-18 radar, Kolchuga SDT-360 radio reconnaissance system.

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