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October 19, 2020
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October 21, 2020
U.S. Offers Frigate to Greece

Geoffrey Pyatt, US Ambassador to Greece, said the White House would offer to sell four frigates to Greece. Pyatt noted that they proposed that the three frigates be produced jointly at the Onex Shipyards on the Greek island of Syros.

Greece announced in early September that it would strengthen its armed forces. Following tensions with Turkey in the eastern Mediterranean, Greek Prime Minister Kiriakos Miçotakis announced that they would buy 18 French Rafale fighter jets, four frigates and four helicopters for the navy.

Pyatt said the team of the US Navy's Office of International Programmes visited the shipyards in Athens a few weeks ago.

It did not specify which frigate would be offered to Greece. The US Navy recently launched a new frigate design with Fincantieri, but this platform is not expected to be proposed to Athens as it is in the detailed design phase. Lockheed Martin's Multi-Mission Surface Combatant (MMSC), built at Fincantieri's Marinette Marine shipyard, is likely to be offered.

Another option is the modernization and sale of four Oliver Hazzard Perry-class frigates. Oliver Hazzard Perry-class platforms serve as Gabya classes in the Turkish Navy.

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