Saudi Arabia Begins Talks with Russia for S-400 and Su-35
February 25, 2021
First ATAK Helicopter Delivered to General Directorate of Security in Turkey
February 25, 2021
U.S. Grants 640 Military Vehicles to Afghanistan

According to the Afghan Defence Ministry, the United States has delivered 403 Humvee lightly armoured tactical wheeled vehicles, 43 Rangers, 23 ambulances and 170 motorcycles to the armed forces.

Deputy Defence Minister Shah Mahmood Miakhil signalled at the delivery ceremony of the platforms that US grant support to Afghanistan would continue. “As part of the ministry’s strategy, the Armed Forces of Afghanistan will be equipped with modern equipment,” Miakhil said.

Meanwhile, no decision has yet been reached on the US and NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The Taliban re-called for the fulfilment of the agreement signed by the United States in Doha on February 14th.

Under the agreement, the White House had said about two thousand troops stationed in Afghanistan would withdraw, but the US administration has not yet announced its final decision. “Regardless of the outcome of our review, the United States of America will not withdraw from Afghanistan in a hasty or irregular way,” Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin said.

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