Soyuz-5 On The Way
November 5, 2018
Korea and Spain to Barter Aircraft
November 7, 2018
Thrust Vectoring System from China

Chinese thrust vectoring system has revealed for the first time. The system was seen on a J-10B aircraft in a photo taken during the preparations for the aviation exhibition in Zhuhai.

Thrust vectoring nozzles are clearly visible in image. System is integrated on WS-10 jet engine. According to Jane's Defence Weekly, there are also smoke pods under the wing. This leads to the possibility that the aircraft will be able to make a flight demonstration during the airshow and show increased manoeuvrability. Additional parts were also observed on the aircraft. One of these pieces is spin recovery parachute. This test system has the impression that the aircraft is already in the test process.

The thrust vectoring nozzles allow the thrust to flow in the desired direction. This provides the aircraft to have higher manoeuvrability. These systems are also used on platforms such as F-22 Raptor (two-dimensional) and Su-30 (three-dimensional).

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