Sector News Issue 67
November 6, 2018
Aircraft Carrier to Become Museum
November 8, 2018
Korea and Spain to Barter Aircraft

The Republic of Korea and Spain have started negotiations for a possible procurement. A barter decision may be taken from the ongoing training aircraft procurement process of Spain.


In the ongoing talks, it was reported that Korea was discussing the purchase of A400M transport aircraft in response to the already-continuing training aircraft procurement programme of Spain. Talks are expected to be completed within this week.


Spain ordered 27 aircraft in the first place within the scope of the A400M program. Then the Madrid administration reshaped their needs and decided that 14 aircraft would be enough for the air force. With this decision, the resale of 13 aircraft is considering by Spain. The talks are expected to sell four to six A400M transport aircraft to the Republic of Korea. However, it is negotiating that approximately 30 KT-1 trainer aircraft and 20 T-50 jet trainer and necessary equipment would be procured from the Republic of Korea. If the decision will come is in this direction, the Republic of Korea will sell indigenous jet trainer to European country for the first time.

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