Israel Approved Readiness Plan
January 28, 2020
Last Frigate Launched
January 30, 2020
The Last Tiger of the Spanish Army

Airbus Helicopters has announced that an important milestone has been left behind for Tiger attack helicopters.

The delivery phase of Spain's Tiger attack helicopter story, which started in 2003, was completed. The Spanish Army (Ejército de Tierra) received the 18th and last Tiger HAD helicopter after a long delivery phase. Last platform is announced as Tiger HAD (Helicoptero de Apoyo y Destrucción / Support and Destruction Helicopter) H2 variant. Airbus Helicopters will carry out upgrade works for H1s to H2 level after the platform.

There are UH, HAP, HAD and ARH models of the platforms currently operating in France, Germany, Spain and Australia inventory. Each model is customized for different task types according to user country requirements.

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