Short List on MANPADS Tender
January 27, 2020
ASELSAN Communication Suites for Modernised Tanks
January 29, 2020
Israel Approved Readiness Plan

The Ministry of Defence Ministry announced that the five-year “Momentum Plan” developed for the Israel Defence Forces has been approved. The study is aimed to increase the Israeli Army's mobility.

Within the framework of the plan called “Tenufa” in Hebrew, Israeli troops and the necessary military equipment are aimed to be transferred to the required areas quickly. The plan, developed as a result of the work of the Israeli Chief of General Staff, General Aviv Kochlavi, will increase the ability of the Israeli Army to perform more flexible, smart and effective moves. It was emphasized that the plan was an “expected” decision to pass through the Israeli Security Cabinet, and it was stated that the country would spend 3.2 billion US Dollars under the plan in and some new weapons and defence systems already acquired in line with Tenufa, which came into force in 2020. It was informed that the additional budget of 850 million USD approved last week and it will be spent immediately within the scope of the plan. In addition, military's communications and intelligence capabilities, as well as for logistics, navy and air force requirements will be met under the budget.

The Momentum Plan, which is expected to significantly increase Israel's military capabilities, will cause a considerable increase in the defense budget. It is aimed to keep this increase under control with some cost-saving measures and organizational activities carried out in the relevant units. In addition, Israel will receive grant support of USD 3.8 billion annually by 2028. Among the ones spoken in defence lobbies, which includes medium-sized UAVs, precision guidance missiles and air defence systems also in the country's shopping list.

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