Iskander-M Missile Flew Almost Twice More Landing in Kazakhstan
January 14, 2020
The second Squadron of F-35I Adir for Israeli Air Force
January 17, 2020
The Adventure of Transition from Power Cell to Battery

There have been significant developments recently in power cells and batteries, which are indispensable in producing electricity from chemical reactions. We came together with today’s ASPİLSAN Energy, which was founded in Kayseri in 1981 and was named ASPİLSAN,  at the 4th Battery Technologies and Energy Systems Workshop. While answering our questions, Ferhat Özsoy, General Manager of the company, Murat Altuğ, R&D Program Manager of Kayseri factory, gave information about his expectations from the Workshop and future investments of ASPİLSAN.

Today, the company, which carries out the production activities of more than 150 types of batteries and more than 20 aircraft batteries, supplies the primary raw material cells from abroad. “In the coming period, we aim to produce batteries in Turkey with investments.

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