Black Hawk sales from the USA
July 8, 2020
Polaris MRZR Delivery
July 10, 2020
Targeting Pod Order

Targeting pods are important equipment for target detection and recognition of aircraft that carrying out the ground attack task and especially for guided ammunition to be targeted with high precision.

Having one of the most advanced combat aircraft fleets in the world, the US gets additional targeting pods. Northrop Grumman production AN/AAQ-28 (V) LITENING advanced targeting pod will be acquired within the order placed for US Air Force requirements.

LITENING, which has already been delivered to more than 900 units to the US and foreign users, offers the user a colour digital imaging capability. The colour imaging hardware offered as an optional feature, thanks to its modular structure, can be easily integrated into any LITENING afterwards. The hardware's 1000×1000 pixel display capability allows the pilot to have detailed detection and recognition. The pod has a dual-colour laser search and tracking system. The system, which weighs 210 kilograms, enables the aircraft to be ready for operation quickly thanks to its plug-and-play feature.

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