China to Unveil New Helicopter
June 8, 2021
First Air to Air Refueling with an Unmanned Aircraft
June 9, 2021
Super Tucano Delivery to Turkmenistan

The Turkmenistan Air Force will receive two training and light attack aircraft, the EMB-314B (A-29) Super Tucano.

Turkmenistan has reportedly purchased a total of six platforms. Developed by Brazil-based Embraer’s main contractor and powered by a PT-6A-68A turboprop engine, the A-29 Super Tucano can carry a total of 1,150 kilograms of payload. Equipped with machine guns, rockets and different types of missiles, the platforms can reach a maximum range of 2,700 km.

📸 Shaun Psaila/ Military Aviation Reachout

The planes, which will be delivered to the Turkmenistan Air Force, were pictured in Malta on May 28, 2021, according to the Scramble website.

📸 Shaun Psaila/ Military Aviation Reachout
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