SM-3 Order to Raytheon
July 18, 2018
Boeing Netherlands Co-operation
July 20, 2018
Special ASELSAN Magazine dedicated to Cyprus Peace Operation

The ASELSAN company founded on the communication problem of Turkish troops during Cyprus Peace Operation celebrated 44th anniversary of operations a special magazine. ASELSAN said, “We were established for you, we are growing up with you, and happy for the 44th anniversary of the Cyprus Peace Operation”. The story of how ASELSAN was established is narrated at the entrance of the ASELSAN internet magazine: The arms embargo applied after the 1974 Cyprus Peace Operation brought the importance of independence in the provision of defence systems in our country and in meeting the military communication needs, Foundation was established. Following this, ASELSAN was established on November 14, 1975 under the leadership of the Foundation of Land Forces.

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