More Delivery of MEMATT
August 1, 2022
External Dependency Ended with Canik Production PMT 12.7
August 4, 2022
SIPER Air Defence Missile System About to Enter Inventory

President of Defence Industry Prof. Ismail Demir attended the “Developments in Defence Industry After July 15” Workshop held at Samsun 19 Mayıs University.

Prof. Demir said the Turkish defence industry aims to meet Turkey’s defence and security needs with domestic and national means, as well as to support allies, at the opening of the workshop.

“As we look at the world and travel around, we see that the eyes of oppressed nations and our friends are in Turkey. Turkey’s stance, as the demand for a just world is voiced, brings a massive noise and crates an expectation among the oppressed,” said Ismail Demir.

Ismail Demir stated that with Turkey’s power in the defence industry, the trust and interest in Turkey have increased and he continued his speech by:

“As of today, our defence products and service are delivered to our security units, as well as to allied countries, with which we have strategic cooperation in different geographies. As a result of the efforts carried out to supply our country’s defence system and to steer the defence industry, adding strength to their armed forces.

President of Defence Industry Prof. Ismail Demir stated that Turkey’s strength also gives strength to its friends; he also noted that they are trying to take Turkey as a role model.

Prof. Ismail Demir said:

“When we look at the developments after July 15, just until six years ago, we did not have an air defence system at any level. Today we have Korkut, Sungur, and Sungur MANPADS, Sungur Vehicle Mounted, Hisar A+, Hisar O+ systems, and our Siper system, which is being tested intensively, is about to enter the inventory. They are making the preparations. Others are in the inventory, and Siper is hopefully getting ready. We have become one of the three leading countries in the world in UCAV technology and our work on UCAVs will continue with new products, one after the other. We produced MILGEMs, amphibious ships, seismic research ships, and ships and boats of various levels on naval platforms with domestic and national means. We are now one of the 10 countries that can build their own warships, and our own submarines will gradually come into play. Our attack helicopters started to serve our security forces with their Phase-2 version. Our high-precision TRLG missile with a 150-kilometer laser pointer and various missiles at longer ranges, our Atmaca, Bora, Yıldırım, and Kasırga missiles are now ready for service.”

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