SIPER Air Defence Missile System About to Enter Inventory
August 1, 2022
New AKINCI Delivery to the Turkish Air Forces
August 4, 2022
External Dependency Ended with Canik Production PMT 12.7

The mass production of the PMT (Platform Makineli Tüfek) 12.7 Platform Machine Gun has begun. PMT is produced with domestic and national means for the first time in Turkey.

President of Defence Industry Prof. İsmail Demir announced the news on his social media account with the following:

“For the first time, the PMT 12.7 mm machine gun, produced locally and nationally, went into mass production. Six or seven years ago, we didn’t even have a domestic rifle but today we are in a position to produce the higher-caliber weapons that they embargo on us.”

Prof. Ismail Demir visited the Canik Arms facility where the gun was produced and got information from C.Utku Aral, the General Manager of Samsun Yurt Savunma company.

Prof. Ismail Demir also shot with the machine gun.

Prof. Ismail Demir stated that the gun can be integrated into different platforms and that the mass production of the weapons will be distributed to the forces and other security forces.

Ismail Demir said, “This of course means that our security forces in our country are equipped with weapons far superior to their foreign counterparts.”

Diameter: 12.7 mm (.50cal.)

Ammunition Type: 12.7 x 99 Standard NATO

Full Weight of the Gun (Without the Feed Chute and Tripod Adaptor): Maximum 38.5 kg

Length of the Barrel Mechanism: 1.145 mm

Operation Mode: Short Recoil Operated

Ignition Mode: Dual Power Supply Selector

Barrel Speed: 900m/h

Firing Speed: 450-650 RPM

Maximum Effective Range: 1.830 m

Maximum Range: 6.800 m

Barrel Accuracy Life: 25.000

Accuracy: 100m. 18cm

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