Soyuz-5 On The Way
November 5, 2018
Korea and Spain to Barter Aircraft
November 7, 2018
Second Phase in F-35B Tests

HMS Queen Elizabeth (R 08) began the second testing phase with F-35B Lightning II aircraft. In the second phase, more challenging conditions will be experienced.

At this stage, aircrafts will be able to experience landing and take-off in harder wind conditions. In addition, ship and aircraft handling and weapons loading tests will be performed with ship facilities. Aircrafts and crew will perform external storage tests, minimum performance short take-off and SRVL (Shipborne Rolling Vertical Landing) experiences will be made in day and night conditions. In the first phase, landing and take-off tests were carried out in the night and day conditions. With the second phase, the fixed-wing air power of the ship is expected to reach the initial level of operational capability. After the second phase, half of the test program will be completed. The third phase will start in 2019.

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