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January 6, 2023
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January 12, 2023
SDT Offered to Public for 392 million TL

Türkiye’s domestic and national technology company in the field of space and defence industry, SDT Space and Defence Technologies Inc. was offered to the public on 28-29 December 2022 through the consortium formed under the leadership of Info Investment. The public offering was held in Borsa Istanbul with the method of “Book-building at Fixed Price”. IPO size of SDT was 392 million TL.

The public offering size of SDT, of which 21.12 percent was offered to the public, amounted to TL 392 million. While 902,098 unfiltered investor applications were made to the public offering, the number of filtered investors was 838,560, and a record number of participants in the public offering with the method of book-building was broken. The price per share in the public offering was determined as 32 TL.

SDT Space and Defence Technologies Inc. General Manager Ömer Korkut said that they positioned themselves as a mid-segment company in the Turkish defence industry. He also said that they aim to maintain the stable growth achieved in the last five years, and that the facilities with an indoor area of approximately 4,700 square meters, where current activities are carried out, are not sufficient for them due to the growth achieved. He stated that they plan to implement the new facility, which will have a closed area of 28,000 square meters, in Ankara HAB, with an investment budget of approximately 300 million TL, with the funds obtained from the public offering.

Korkut stated that the work in the field of satellite and space is very important for SDT and that they have achieved export success, and that SDT products are also available on Türkiye’s national air platforms, including Anka, Atak and Hürkuş. Radar said that they have completed jammer projects through electronic warfare and communication systems, data recording, weapon and platform management systems, simulation projects, pod mass production projects, aircraft arrester systems, business partnerships, and have started to achieve export success. Korkut said: “We aim to continue this development and stable growth in the coming period with the strength we derive from the public offering.”

Info Investment General Manager Tarkan Akgül said: “In line with our goal of creating a global and strong financial ecosystem, we maintain our leading position in the public offering area this year as well. With our quarter-century of experience and our leading role in the sector, we have big targets for each public offering that we carry out brokerage activities. We held one of the last public offerings of this year with SDT, which is our 6th public offering in 2022, where we carry out brokerage activities. SDT attracted great interest from investors and reached an initial public offering of 392 million TL. We would like to thank the Capital Markets Board and Borsa Istanbul for their efforts together with 838,560 investors who participated in the public offering process.”

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