A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss: KAR-SAV
December 1, 2020
AUMV Period in Blue Homeland
December 1, 2020
Savronik’s Technology Model from Defense to Transportation

Known for concentrating solely on his work in the field of defense, Savronik deals with jobs beyond what is known. We came together with Prof Teoman Süer, Chairman of the Board of Savronik, Tarkan Uygunuçarlar, General Manager of Industry Group, and Ufuk Zeki Sanal, President of Contracting Group, at the company’s Eskişehir facilities. We talked about the consequences of carrying the information obtained from the defense field to the civilian areas.

C4Defence: Can you summarize Savronik’s activities in the field of defense industry in terms of both history and product family? What kind of products do you supply in which fields since it was established in 1986?

Savronik: Savronik has undertaken two missions in the field of defense industry since its establishment. On the one hand, our company has tried to meet the current needs of the user authority by using domestic resources at the highest level with unique solutions for product and system needs. With the experience and capabilities gained from these projects, he has made the original ideas a safe solution for the programs considered strategic.

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