ALTINAY and Yıldız Technical University Signed KOOP Protocol
December 7, 2022
11th Aircraft Entered Inventory in Erciyes Project
December 7, 2022
Safety in the World Cup at ASELSAN Modernized ZMAs

Supported by the Ministry of National Defence, Presidency of Defence Industries and SASAD, the 5th Land Systems Seminar actualized in Ankara on 24-25th November 2022.

On the first day of the event, ASELSAN Land and Weapon Systems Program Director Serhan Özsoy gave place to ASELSAN modernization projects in his presentation.

At the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, the security of the Qatar Armed Forces was ensured by armored combat vehicles modernized by ASELSAN. Özsoy said in his speech: ‘’A new modernization project is the integration of Renault VAB vehicles in the Qatar Armed Forces inventory. One of the most challenging aspects of this project for us was the four-month period between signing the contract and completing the user trainings and delivering them to the customer. We modernized and delivered 50 vehicles. Of course, this was only possible with the experience we gained in tank projects and modernization activities, especially the remaining ZMA tank. Here, the customer stipulated that 50 vehicles should be delivered on time for the World Cup. Fortunately, when the first whistle of the World Cup match blew, we had modernized 50 of our vehicles and gave them to the users.’’

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