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December 7, 2022
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11th Aircraft Entered Inventory in Erciyes Project

Developed within the scope of the Erciyes Project carried out by the Presidency of Defence Industries, the 11thC-130 aircraft completed its modernization process and took its place in the inventory of the Air Force Command.

Within the scope of the C-130E/B Avionics Modernization (Erciyes) Agreement signed between the SSB and Turkish Aerospace Industries in December 2006, the avionics modernization of 13 C-130E and six C-130B transport aircraft in the Air Force Command inventory is carried out.

In this context, a new one was added to the modernized C-130 aircraft, and the 11th aircraft entered the inventory.

SSB President İsmail Demir announced the development in his social media account with the following words: ‘’ Within the scope of the Erciyes Project, we are adding new capabilities to our C-130 aircraft in the inventory of the Air Force Command, modernizing them and adding strength to our airborne power. As part of the avionic modernization of 19 C-130 aircraft, we delivered the 11th aircraft.’’

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